Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish
Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish



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Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish

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The Dog With the Most Tail Wagging Team Spirit Is…

Sullivan Carlton, Texans Fan Since Birth!!

Congratulations to Sullivan Carlton for being chosen as the Grand Prize Winner in our Tail Wagging Team Spirit Pet Photo Contest on Facebook. Even though your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, you came out of the season as a big winner! You and your family will be awarded the Best Friends Football Prize Package worth $500. That includes a gift certificate to use at any Best Friends Pet Care center or veterinary hospital, plus hundreds of dollars worth of Houston Texans gear and apparel.

We had so much fun watching all of the football themed photos coming through to the contest over the last several weeks. So many of your entries were creative, spirited and absolutely adorable. It was a close race, but only the 15 photos with the most votes were eligible to move onto the final round where Best Friends appointed judges scored the photos and selected the Grand Prize Winner.

Each judge scored each of the top 15 photos based on the following categories:

  • Football Team Spirit Theme,
  • Originality & Creativity,
  • Cuteness factor,
  • Composition,
  • Picture Quality,
  • Level of Promotion,
  • How effectively the entry conveys the “Best Friends Spirit”,
  • Pet’s Appearance/Photogenic Ability and
  • Technical Requirements

There were a lot of great pets to choose from, and it was certainly close, but Sullivan Carlton’s entry edged out the rest. Not to worry- the finalists are not going home empty handed. Each of the 15 finalists will be getting a $25 gift certificate to use at any Best Friends Pet Care center or veterinary hospital along with Best Friends swag that both owners, and pets can enjoy. Just look at how cute these finalist photos were!

Thank you so much to all of the entries and to everyone who voted. We couldn’t have been happier with the participation. And if you didn’t make it into the finals this time, stay tuned for our next contest, where we will have more opportunities to win awesome prizes.

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Ask The Vet- Canine Hypothyroidism

In response to the question that was posted about thyroid diseases, here is a quick review of hypothyroidism in dogs.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid glands (the small glands located in the neck) do not produce enough thyroid hormone (thyroxine). This hormone is responsible for maintaining your dog’s normal metabolism so too little thyroxine causes symptoms such as listlessness and weight gain. Other metabolic issues such as skin or haircoat problems, slow heart rate, and a lower than normal body temperature can also be seen in dogs with hypothyroidism.

Your veterinarian may suspect that your dog has hypothyroidism based on their symptoms but a true diagnosis will require measurement of the thyroid (T4) level in the blood. Sometimes, a low T4 level coupled with the symptoms is enough to make the diagnosis. If these results are not clear cut however, other tests such as a TSH level or a free T4 measured using a process called equilibrium dialysis may be required.

The good news is that this disease is easily treatable. You will need to give your dog thyroid hormone in the form of a pill that he will get once or twice a day for the rest of his life. Once your dog is on therapy, your veterinarian may recommend rechecking the thyroid level to be sure that the dose is correct. For dogs with hair loss, it may take 4 to 6 weeks before you start to see regrowth of hair. Increased activity is seen much sooner however at about 1 to 2 weeks after starting treatment.

If the signs listed above describe your pooch, call your veterinarian to schedule an appointment for blood testing.

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Partnership With Hilton Garden Inn Norwalk

We are so excited to have partnered with the Hilton Garden Inn of Norwalk, CT. Since they can’t accept dogs into their guest rooms, we’re doing it for them! Travelers coming to Norwalk, CT no longer have to leave their pets at home when staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. They can sign up for the Best Friend Pet Package and we’ll take care of their furry family members. And it’s super convenient since we are just two doors down from the hotel!

To find out more about the Best Friend Pet Package from the Hilton Garden Inn, in Norwalk, CT give them a call at 203-523-4000.

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