Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish
Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish



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Best Friends Pet Care : The Dog Dish

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10 Questions And Answers About Dogs


Have you ever wondered why your dog howls? Or why they bury bones in the backyard? Here are 10 questions and answers about dogs that you’ve always wanted to know!


1.     Why do dogs wag their tails?

Most people have heard that dogs wag their tail when they’re happy, but this isn’t always the case. Dogs use their tails to communicate all of their emotions with humans, other dogs or even

Source: Animal Planet



2.     Why does my dog lick me?

Dogs will often lick their owner or other people as they like the taste of their skin and as a sign of affection. For dogs, licking releases pleasurable endorphins and releases stress.

Source: Animal Planet



3.     Why is chocolate bad for my dog?

Though chocolate is a tasty treat for humans, for dogs it is poisonous. Chocolate’s toxic component is theobromine. Dogs process theobromine very slowly, which allows for it to build up in their system to toxic levels. Different types of chocolate have different amounts of theobromine, but chocolate should always be out of reach of dogs.

Source: Hills Pet



4.     Do dogs dream?

You may notice your dog twitching or emitting light barks in his sleep. And just like us, dogs dream and go through REM sleep, which is the cycle in which humans experience dreams. Vetstreet also found that puppies and older dogs usually dream more often than middle-aged dogs!

Source: American Kennel Club



5.     Why do dogs howl?

There are four main reasons for why dogs howl. Ancestry, communications, sickness or injury, and separation anxiety. Because dogs are related to wolves, they could still have the urge to howl. They might not even know why they’re doing it. Howling is a normal thing for dogs to do as long as it is not chronic, pervasive or invasive.

Source: Cesar’s Way



6.     Why do dogs have wet noses?

Dog noses secrete a thin layer of moisture that helps to absorb scents. Then, they lick their nose, so they can essentially taste those scents. Having a wet nose is also one of the ways that dogs can regulate their body temperature.

Source: Vetstreet



7.     Why do dogs have whiskers?

Dog whiskers have follicles at the base, which have nerves that send messages to the dog’s brain. Whiskers serve as receptors for important information, such as size, shape, and the speed of nearby objects, people, or animals.

Source: Live Science



8.     Why do dogs eat grass?

Sometimes dogs will eat grass because they have an upset stomach, and sometimes they may just be craving essential nutrients that they’re not be getting in their regular diet. Generally speaking, most experts see no danger in letting your dog eat grass in small amounts (assuming there is no pesticides and chemicals in the grass). If your dog has a sudden increase in grass eating, there could be an underlying issue, that requires veterinary assistance.

Source: Pet MD



9.     Why do dogs chase their tails?

Also called ‘Whirling’, chasing one’s own tail is a natural behavior and a form of play for predator animals. As a puppy, chasing their tail can be a short-term cure for boredom or a way to gain attention. If your dog is chasing their tail as an adult, it may be part of a larger issue, like fleas, worms or even a behavioral problem (i.e. compulsive disorders).

Source: Wonderopolis



10.  Why do dogs bury their bones, food or other items?

Wild dogs used to bury their food to hide it and save for later so that other animals couldn’t get to it, but now that domesticated dogs have plenty of food, there are a few reasons why they’re still burying things. One reason could be instinct – Just because they’re domestic animals doesn’t mean that they lose the urge. The second reason could be that their owner is giving them too much food/toys and the dog wants to save it for later. Another reason could be that it is a game to them. If your dog wants your attention or is bored, they may steal valuable items from you (such as shoes or TV remotes) in order to get you to play with them.

Source: Cesar’s Way



Share your photos and videos with us! Did you score a video of Sparky catching a fly ball while jumping into the pool? Did you snap a cute photo of Fluffy in a sleeping slumber? Send your best photos and video

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5 Benefits of Having Your Pet Professionally Groomed


Spring is in the air! This means warmer weather and fur shedding for our pets. Not only can our Best Friends Groomers handle the fur, but they offer services to take care of all of your pet’s needs. Grooming your pet even has benefits besides looking fresh in their new ‘do! Here are 5 benefits of having your pet professionally groomed:

1. Regular visits to the groomer could help detect (and get rid of) those pesky fleas or ticks on your cat or dog.

2. Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff. It also helps bring out the natural oils in your pet’s fur.

3. Nail trims reduce the risk of snagging and infection. They also help with your dog’s posture!

4. Having your fur baby’s teeth brushed helps to reduce the risk of Periodontal disease.

5. Bathed pets are nice smelling pets! Nobody wants a stinky pet.


Book your pet’s Grooming appointment, today!




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Share your photos and videos with us! Did you score a video of Sparky catching a fly ball while jumping into the pool? Did you snap a cute photo of Fluffy in a sleeping slumber? Send your best photos and video

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Checklist For When Traveling With Your Pet


With Spring Break quickly approaching, a fun-filled family vacation may be on your horizons. From flights and hotel accommodations to road trip routes and car comfortability, most vacations require lots of planning. Prepping for a trip can take some coordinating, especially when trying to figure out what to do with the family dog or cat.  If taking your fur-baby isn’t an option, don’t worry, they’ll love Play and Stay at Best Friends Pet Hotel! If you’re opting to bring your pet with you, here’s a checklist of 8 items you should prepare when traveling with your pet:


  1. Food and Water

These may seem like obvious items on the checklist but making sure your pet has sufficient food and water while traveling by plane, train or car is important for your pet’s well-being.


  1. Medications

Just like humans, sometimes pets require medication too! Make sure to talk to your veterinarian before you leave, to ensure you have the appropriate amount of medication for your pet on your trip.


  1. Veterinary Records

Having your pet’s most up-to-date vaccines and medical records could come in handy in the event that you need to take your pet to the Veterinarian while on your vacation.


  1. Veterinary Contact Info

Having a typed and laminated card or sheet of your pet’s contact info is a handy item to have. You can even make a few copies to have in different places like your wallet, taped to the outside of your pet’s crate or inside a pet first aid kit.


  1. Pet Identification

Not only should your pet be microchipped, but several forms of identification are also a good idea. ID tags with your information and even your Vet’s information will make it much easier to reunite you with your pet in the event that they go missing while you’re on vacation.


  1. Pet First Aid Kit

You can create your own, but a preassembled dog or cat first aid kit can easily be purchased. You may want to cater the first aid kit to your pet’s specific needs or conditions, in which case, you can find a supplies list here.


  1. Pet Carrier

Crates and pet carriers are a great way to keep your dog or cat safe while traveling. Crates are required when traveling by plane, but they can be a good idea for long car rides too. Make sure the crate or pet carrier is large enough for your cat or dog to stand, turn around and lie down. Comfort is key when your pet is in their carrier – proper airflow and a soft mat are a good start!


  1. Fun & Comfort

Don’t forget to bring items, like toys or blankets, that they can play with and/or that remind them of home. This can be comforting and can help pass the time during long car rides or flights.


If you decide to vacation without your pet, Best Friends will be the perfect home away from home for your fur-baby. Playtime, Suite Treats and sleepovers are exactly the kind of vacation your cat or dog wants! Book for Spring Break today, before space runs out!





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Share your photos and videos with us! Did you score a video of Sparky catching a fly ball while jumping into the pool? Did you snap a cute photo of Fluffy in a sleeping slumber? Send your best photos and videos of your pets to for a chance to be featured.

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