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13th Annual Angel Tree to Support Homeless Pets

Every year at each of our locations, we have an Animal Angel Tree program that collects donations for shelter and rescue groups until the end of the year. Actually, since it began in December 2000, the Best Friends Pet Care Angel Tree campaign has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of food, toys and pet care products to more than 100 different shelters and rescues across the U.S. — and dozens of pets have found new homes in time for the new year.

If you come in for a visit from now through New Years, spend a few minutes looking at the ornaments on the Angel Tree as well as the shelter wish list items. The ornaments have pictures and information about dogs and cats in the local shelters and rescues and what they’re wishing for this Christmas or Hanukkah. It’s the perfect time to band together and help the homeless pets in our local community.

Please help us continue to support homeless pets by donating unused items from their wish lists, by purchasing items from our lobby to donate, or by making a donation that we can add to your bill.

Call your local center to find out more details or to make a donation over the phone.

4 comments on 13th Annual Angel Tree to Support Homeless Pets

  1. Virginia Watkins says:

    I´m an American living in Mexico, and as a die hard dog lover, it pains me to see so many loving dogs thrown out on the streets and mixed breeds who never stand a chance at adoption. As a personal passion, I have taken in, bathed, fed,(rehabilitated in some cases) and found new loving homes for 9 different dogs in my 2 years here.

    I currently have “Alma” (it means “Spirit” in Spanish), whom I rescued from the streets of Mexico City. Over the last 4 weeks, I have worked closely with her on her separation anxiety and helping to bring her love and devotion to human companions back to a “healthy” level. While she´s made amazing progress, the shelters refuse her and tell me to put her down because nobody will adopt her due to her “sickness” that they acquated to alcoholics & drug addictions, and because nobody wants a mixed breed here. The puppy that I just adopted from the streets as my “official” second dog is becoming increasingly jealous and aggressive toward Alma, so I´m extremely eager to find Alma her forever home. If I can´t, and shelters won´t take her, it leaves this sweet little “spirit” no other options but to be put down. (It´s far more cruel to put her back on the street, unloved and unprotected.)

    Do you all know of any other options that I may have back in the States? I am returning home for Christmas, and would be willing to handle her shots and transportation if there was some kind of organization that could help fund her transport and adoption.

    I´m desperate for a solution for this amazingly loyal and loving Alma who just needs a second chance on life and love after the harsh streets of Mexico City. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated and I´d be glad to send photos and more info on Alma.

    For the love of the Mexican street dogs,

    • kbarbro says:

      Hi Virginia, I think your best bet is to contact a Rescue Group. They are more likely to know what to do to help you with Alma. Try contacting a Rescue Group from your home town or state. Good luck!

  2. Sheila Piskiel says:

    Rob add another $10.00 to my account . How is Kulhla doing have heard from you . I s she OK ?

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